SHiFT is a collective of fibre asset owners committed to improving health and safety standards within the fibre sector.

The fibre industry is going through a revolutionary change to provide gigabit capable full fibre networks to homes and businesses across the UK. The SHIFT Group has been established to represent the organisations delivering and managing these networks to share, support, create and promote best practices, standards and requirements to improve compliance and build a positive culture for the sector and communities we work within. The Group is committed to preventing harm or loss for those that work in the fibre sectors or may be affected by our operations.

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The group and its members shall contribute and dedicate time to continually improve the safety and health standards within our industry and uphold the groups charter its values and purpose.



SHIFT stands for Safety and Health in Fibre Telecoms and is referred to in this document as the Group.



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Current SHiFT Chair Alan Trueman has been nominated for the SHP AWARDS 2022 Most Influential individuals in health & safety.

The shortlist of finalists celebrates people who are inspiring, engaging and have been driving change in occupational health and safety in the UK over the last 12 months. People who are successfully creating sound health and safety cultures in their organisations, or the profession at large.

I think we will agree Alan has been instrumental in creating the SHiFT Group and helping to raise safety standards in the fibre industry.

Making the shortlist is a great achievement and winning would help put SHiFT firmly on the map so if you would like to vote for him the voting closes Sunday 11th December via the link below:

Alan Trueman at CityFibre, flies the flag for the telecoms sector. Alan created the Safety & Health in Fibre Telecoms (SHiFT) which brings together professionals who seek a consistent approach to safety, health and wellbeing in telecoms.

 He has forged a working group that collaborates on shared learnings and is confident in presenting failure to ultimately create best practices. His leadership and guidance have created a pool of professionals who thrive in supporting each other’s health and safety journeys.