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On the 20th of October the Cultural Inclusion Network (part of the Diversity & Inclusion Network) at CityFibre had delivered the first F2F event.

An Inspirational introduction by the Network sponsor Elsa Chen, Chief Customer Officer, Network successes and an intro to different function within the network, which go above and beyond to drive meaningful change.

There were 2 guest speakers invited:

Haddy Ndure (Corporate Communications Manager- Cambridge University International) shared her incredible story and nuggets of wisdom we can take forward to build upon our D&I efforts.

Vanessa M. from JMW Consultants delivered a talk on Diversity being a dirty word, How to be an inclusive leader and Allyship.

We also launched the ‘Under the Surface’ series with the help of our fantastic facilitators representing each network. This series allowed for us to explore topics material to each network, delivered with great courage by our facilitators, making connections through shared vulnerability.

It was a day full of open and honest conversation, showcasing the power of our voices and, of course lots of food! The objective was to drive engagement and empower all to realise the power of their voices with special focus on how inclusivity is critical for ensuring we leverage a diverse talent pool.