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You will probably remember the headlines “Denmark star Christian Eriksen in stable condition in hospital after collapsing during Euro 2020 game and needing CPR on the pitch”

This incident highlights how having First Aid trained folk in the workplace can be beneficial to preserve life before professional helps arrive.

Recently, compliance to receive EFAW training within FullFibre has increased. This is due to both legal and moral factors, as we look to better equip our team to deal with these situations.

The outcome this year has seen EFAW trained operatives deal with a suspected heart attack, a road traffic accident, and a burn injury.

The takeaway from this initiative at FullFibre has seen an 88% increase in EFAW trained persons in the business and supply chain, compared to 0% in 2020.

The hope is that this success at FullFibre will be shared and promoted through the SHiFT members and their partners as good practice in the Fibre Telecom Industry.

By Derek Stevenson – FullFibre