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The CDM Working Group has established guidance for members around the issuance of 12 monthly Construction Phase Plans and F10’s and the use of smaller, succinct Construction Management Plans that focus on key aspects of a project so information that is crucial to the works can be more clearly identified, captured and communicated to those undertaking the works on site.

The Construction Management Plan ensures information such as significant hazards, controls, traffic management and welfare is considered and any requirements conveyed which allows this information to be more easily available to workers on site rather than just an often high level administrative process that clients and contractors go through.

As part of the creation of this guidance communications with the HSE were undertaken around the CDM L153 requirement for an F10 notice ( Regulation 6 Section 3(b) ) where it states ‘the notice is to be clearly displayed in the construction site office in a comprehensible form where it can be read by any worker engaged in the construction

work’. The HSE has formally confirmed that the F10 for a project may be accessible digitally by workers on site and does not need to be displayed on a noticeboard in a site office, which is suited to the swift and transient nature of fibre works and sites.

The CDM group has also created a Lessons Learnt template to be utilised by the SHIFT group to communicate and inform on incidents that have occurred within the industry to raise awareness of events and provide learnings that members can take to adopt to prevent recurrences.

The CDM working group has a project plan for 2023 to focus on key topics and establishment guideline standards on welfare, demarcation, contractor on-boarding, PPE, works packs, audits and inspections, and design.