SHIFT stands for Safety and Health in Fibre Telecoms and is referred to in this document as the Group.

Publication Date: November 2021


The fibre industry is going through a revolutionary change to provide gigabit capable full fibre networks to homes and businesses across the UK. This Group has been established to represent the organisations delivering and managing these networks to share, support, create and promote best practices, standards and requirements to improve compliance and build a positive culture for the sector and the communities we work within. The Group is committed to preventing harm or loss for those that work in the fibre sector or may be affected by our activities and operations.


  • To formulate and adhere to uniform standards of safety to ensure the continued well-being of all Fibre Industry personnel.
  • To educate the public, suppliers, government agencies and clients on policy priorities and continued progress toward safer standards by sharing best practice and guidance.
  • To promote and encourage diversity within the industry.
  • To provide a unified voice for the UK Fibre Telecom Industry .


The Group and each respective member shall abide by the following principles:

  • To provide information for sharing and learning without prejudice to others
  • Respect the opinions and views of other members
  • Engage in topics and provide support and information for discussions
  • Participate in determining a majority agreement of standards or guidance
  • Endeavour to implement those agreed standards within their own organisation
  • Promote those standards across the wider industry and supply chain


  • Identify, discuss, develop and promote industry best practice, guidance or minimum standards in relation to health, safety, welfare, wellbeing, quality and environmental related matters
  • Exchange information on industry related challenges to identify key trends and develop solutions to address
  • Establish incident and event reporting metrics for measuring performance within the Group
  • Prepare a Group strategy or framework to provide clarity in the delivery of objectives, actions, determine targets and timelines
  • Establish metrics for the industry to measure performance and targets for improvement and publish
  • Monitor industry related legislation and requirements to identify and discuss key issues or changes to determine standards or guidance to be implemented or amended
  • To encourage and support Group members and associated or affiliated parties to implement agreed best practices or minimum standards
  • Challenge, Engage and collaborate with industry related organisations for support and advice such as HSE, DCMS, OR, SWUK, HAUC and; to positively influence said groups to benefit and improve the sector
  • Establish a publicly available website and contacts for issues and queries, providing information, support and access to agreed standards and documentation
  • Actively communicate and promote across the industry, and to all relevant stakeholders, the groups objectives and agreed standards and guidance. Use of innovative media and tech to ensure message reach target audience


The Groups membership shall be restricted to Fibre Asset Owners (FAO) directly involved and responsible for the planning, delivery and management of fibre networks.

New members are to be agreed by the significant majority of the Group.

Members must adhere to the principles of the SHIFT Charter.

Third party/industry associated individuals or organisations may be invited to present or advise on key matters and these representations shall be agreed within the Group.

Group members must endeavour to attend all meetings or send suitable representatives in their place.

Members encourage participate in working groups to determine actions or establish guidance or standards for dissemination and discussion within the wider Group.

Members must be empowered or enabled to communicate, enact or influence agreed best practices or minimum standards within their respective organisation.

Agreement on best practice, guidance or standards will be taken as a majority agreement i.e., at the time of meeting or via formal communication those attendees/responders are more than 50% in agreement of said standard.

A membership fee or subscription may be introduced to cover Group expenditures, and this will be proportionate to expected running costs i.e., creating and maintaining a website, meeting arrangements and provisions, marketing etc. The annual amount to be paid will be agreed by the significant majority of the Group.

A member may be removed, by majority agreement, from the Group for misconduct i.e., abusive or uncooperative behaviour or for repeatedly failing to attend meetings and/or participate in the Groups discussions or objectives.


The Group shall register itself as a Company Limited by Guarantee.


We are a group of resolute Health and Safety professionals striving for the recognition of a consistence specific approach toward the areas of Safety Health and Wellbeing amongst our industry.

We will collaborate and present our failures and share learnings, demonstrate the success of our best practices in an honest manner.

When called upon for advice from our fellow group members we will assist one another where practicably possible to do so.
The group and its discussions, documentation and communications shall be disseminated regarding a commercially sensitive approach.

As a group we will stand together as many voices and challenge the current understandings of the work we do and the unique health and safety challenges this brings.

The group and its members shall contribute and dedicate time to continually improve the safety and health standards within our industry and uphold the groups charter its values and purpose.


All members are actively encouraged to widely promote the Group and its objectives within their own organisation, supply chain, associated parties and the wider industry.

Marketing or promotion by the Group may be undertaken to other organisations, local or government bodies, or at industry events and any costs of which will be met from the annual membership fee.


Members of the Group are required to respect the confidentiality of information provided by each of its members including data or metrics pertaining to incidents or events.  The Group when meeting shall use the Chatham House Rule to allow discussion to move freely without prejudice.

The Chatham House Rule states that: “When a meeting or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker (s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Communication outside of the Group of any such information shall only be upon the respective members agreement.

Members must not forward, cc or bcc any email correspondence or any other Group information that has not been agreed to be made publicly available by the Group or Chairperson. Any published material will be redacted to prevent identification of personal information, individuals and/or businesses.